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The Bozeman Independent is a student-run video journalism project at Montana State University’s School of Film and Photography. Its mission is to bring fresh perspectives on local and national issues, shed light on the lives of Bozeman area residents and report on events and happenings with fairness and truthfulness that service the community.

Under the guidance of Joy Dietrich, an instructor of film, current members are: Noah Correia, Spencer Crane, Galen Harte, Mandy Morkid, Jared Stordahl, Matthew Stordahl, Hallie Swain, and Bridgett Zahniser. Teacher’s assistant for the 2019 class: Colleen Harvey.

News Features

Montana State University’s New American Indian Building Spencer Crane reports on the ground blessing ceremony of the long awaited American Indian Building. The building is seen as a way to empower students. View the video and interactive article by Spencer Crane for more on the new Native American Center.

Brain-Eating Amoeba at Boiling River Hallie Swain investigates the arrival of Naegleria fowleri, a flesh eating amoeba present in warm water. The amoeba could have a deadly impact on hot spring bathers who visit the Boiling River, a spot known to locals within Yellowstone National Park. View the video and interactive article by Hallie Swain for more on the brain eating amoeba at the Boiling River.

A College Rocketry Club Aims High Noah Correia follows students at Montana State University who have banded together to form a Rocketry Club.  The club hopes to further their experience as MSU has yet to offer a major devoted to Aerospace. View the video and interactive article by Noah Correia as the student run rocketry club prepares for launch.

Opinion: Gender Disparity in Film Galen Harte discusses how the #MeToo and Time’s Up movement sparked a closer look at her own experiences in film school. View the video and interactive article by Galen Harte where she examines the gender disparity around her and Hollywood.

Bozeman’s Labor Force Blues Bridgett Zahniser speaks with businesses in Bozeman, MT about the growing labor shortage in town.  The lack of workers is likely due the increased cost of living in Montana. View the video and interactive article by Bridgett Zahniser to learn what businesses and the chamber of commerce are doing to fix their Bozeman labor force blues.

Trail Trouble in Helena Matthew Stordahl reports on the controversy over a new directional trail for bikers in the parks system of Helena, MT. Many hikers in the area do not support the bike trail and had a temporary moratorium put on its completion. View the video and interactive article by Matthew Stordahl for more on the trail trouble in Helena.

Do-It-Yourself Alternative Printing Mandy Morkrid speaks with Christina Z. Anderson who literally wrote the book, seven books to be exact, on photography’s alternative printing processes. View the video and interactive article by Mandy Morkrid on do-it-yourself alternative printing.

MSU’s Parking System Goes High Tech Jared Stordahl investigates Montana State University’s parking problems, a hot topic among students, recently heightened by the university’s record enrollment numbers. View the video and interactive article by Jared Stordahl on the changes MSU officials are rolling out to address the high parking demands on campus.

Story Mill Park Opening in Bozeman Spencer Crane speaks with Maddy Pope, project manager of The Trust for Public Land, on the opening of the new Story Mill Community Park in Bozeman, Montana. Video shot by BI students and edited Noah Correia.

In our next story, Spencer Crane reports on the CLIFF convention that will be held in March 2019 to raise awareness on issues of sex trafficking. Video by Hallie Swain and Spencer Crane.

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